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The Class of classes!
Fall 2002 Geology Class

Mohs Hardness Scale
Mineral Identification Guides
Mineral Classes
List of Minerals used in the laboratory
Geologic Time Scale
General Geologic Glossaries

Lassen Volcanic National Park Field Trip
Geology of the Bizz Johnson Trail

Geology Photos of:
Soda Lake - Mojave Desert
Subway Cave - Mt. Lassen
Selected Features - Mt. Lassen
Selected Features - Mt. Whitney

U.S.G.S Pamphlets of Interest

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There are are a number of geoquizzes available at
Try your skill with these Geology quizzes from "About Geology" (courtesy of Andrew Alden).

For the Geology class of 2009, try this Volcano Quiz

Also available at are Rock Identification Tables
These tables will help you identify most of the rocks you may to find. After determining the major rock type you're examining, igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic, start in the left column and work your way across to the rock type. Many of these have links to pictures and more information.

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