Rocky Star Timekeeper

Rocky Star Timekeeper

Time on Your Mind or Your Hands?
Need the correct time from the USNO Time
Travelers aid - World Time for selected cities in: Africa, The Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania
When and why do we change our clocks? Discover the reasons for Daylight Saving Time
What to learn more about time in general? Visit the Time Exhibits.
Need to really be on time? The Official U. S. Time can be found at, where else? Official U. S. Time.

By clicking on your time zone, you will get the time of day to within 0.2 second.

If you don't mind spending a few cents for a long distance call, you also can get the official time by dialing (303) 499-7111.

You will hear a series of clicks and then a voice announcement on the minute. It will be given in UTC so you will have to adjust for your time zone.

The calendar and seasons are representations of earth's interaction with the sun. Discover a great collection of links to help you learn about seasons and calendars around the world. at Matt Rosenberg's About Geography Calendars and Seasons.

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Need a break from work? Visit Earth Calendar to see when holidays are observed.
Or, go to Holidays on the net
You can visit Santa any time at
If is busy try Santa's Secret Village
While you are thinking Toys for Christmas, remember the U. S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots

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