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How old are you? Your birthday is the Earth day you were born. On the Earth, a DAY is the time it takes for the Earth to rotate (turn) once on its axis. Other planets in the Solar System take more or less time than the Earth to do this.

How long a planet's day is may be almost two years or a few hours. IF there were Martians, their day would be 1.88 Earth years or a whole Earth year plus all the way to October 15!

So, how old would you be if you were a Martian or some other alien living in the Solar System on one of the other planets??

To find your age on the other planets, enter your age in the box and click on the converter bar.

Converting Earth Years to Planetary Years
How old would you be on Another Planet?
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Pluto 2001

What do the numbers mean? If you were born on Pluto, EXACTLY how old are you?
Using an Earth-age of 20, your Pluto-age is 0.08074283407347599 Earth-years!?
Applying a little common sense and arithmetic, we find that 0.081 is all we really need.
Use 0.81 Plurto-years with a 30-day Earth-month and you are:
30 Earth-days X 0.081 Pluto-days = 2.43 Earth-days old. That is about 2 1/2 Earth-days.
Another way to view the answer is with a 24-hour Earth-day:
The 0.43 Earth-days is: 0.43 X 24 Earth-hours = 10 Earth-hours, 19 Earth-minutes and 12 Earth-seconds.
Adding the calculations from the previous section (2.43 days) gives you an Earth-age of:
2 Earth-days,
10 Earth-hours,
19 Earth-minutes, and
12 Earth-seconds.

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